Lincoln South Food Hall
Lincoln South Food Hall reopens, Photo Courtesy: The Bellevue Collection

According to a press release from Conscious Hospitality Group, Lincoln South Food Hall at The Bellevue Collection will be gaining three new restaurants. The address is 500 Bellevue Way Southeast.

Seattle-based Conscious Hospitality Group is planning to open a nonalcoholic seltzer bar, a Detroit-style Korean pizzeria, and a salad, sandwich, and juice bar.

“The arrival promises a variety of options, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in CHG’s purpose-driven mission,” co-founder Norman Wu said in a news release. “Choose a concept that suits your taste buds or fulfills your desires for the day and embark on a culinary journey with us.”

Each restaurant will be 500 square feet. They are slated to open June 24th.

Lincoln South Food Hall reopened in June 2023 with five new dining concepts; Drip Tea, Seoul Bowl, West Coast Tacos, Wonderbowl, and Burbs Burgers. As employees started to go back to the office, the Food Hall increased its hours to offer both lunch and dinner.

“With the return of office workers, it is the right time to open the refreshed space as part of our growing Dining District at The Bellevue Collection,” says Jennifer Leavitt, vice president of marketing for The Bellevue Collection. “In addition, to the successful local-to-global offering of The Dining District, the food hall experience brings a new social meal sharing aspect to our mix.”

The Food Hall closed in March 2022 to refresh its concepts. At that time, ownership changed from Ascend Hospitality Group to Kemper Development Company. The dining collection first opened in 2018.

Dote Coffee Bar, which is considered apart of Lincoln South Food Hall, began serving customers in 2017 and has remained open while the other concepts at the food hall have undergone multiple changes.

Conscious Hospitality Group, who is opening the three new concepts at Lincoln South Food Hall, are also opening Sano Cafe, along with Lisa Nordstrom, in downtown Bellevue later this year. The fast-casual eatery that embodies healthy living and mindful eating is set to open at Amazon-leased Centre 425 on 106th Avenue Northeast.

According to Conscious Hospitality Group, Bellevue presented an ideal location with its proximity to Mercer Island yet distinct market dynamics. Sano Cafe was established in 2017 on Mercer Island. After gaining a loyal following, Lisa Nordstrom, and later, Conscious Hospitality Group, began to envision a larger expansion. Several other locations are currently in the pipeline, including Redmond and Queen Anne.

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