The Better Bacon Battle: LOT No. 3 vs. John Howie Steak

It’s a rumble in the bacon jungle, and Bellevue has to decide – who has the best unique bacon dish? The two places with the most noteworthy and talked-about bacon offerings in downtown Bellevue are LOT No. 3 and John Howie Steak. Where some places may top their food with […]

Washington Square Poised for Early Development?

Almost a year ago in July of 2010, Touchstone Corporation’s founder, Douglas Howe, spoke about breaking ground in 2012, on what was originally discussed as a 15-story mixed-use office, hotel, and retail complex, to continue and develop Washington Square at NE 8th St. and 106th Ave. NE. The hotel, as originally discussed, […]

Bring the Food Trucks to Bellevue!

Within the last year food trucks in Downtown Bellevue have started to appear more regularly. The trucks have frequented locations such as the Barnes & Noble parking lot, Rudy’s Barbershop parking lot, and most recently the old KFC lot. If you’ve been to downtown Portland before, you are familiar with […]

All I Want for Christmas is the Sonics in Bellevue

Bellevue native Danny Yusen is a popular sports blogger (slimwiththetiltedbrim.com) that has been published on sports websites such as CNNSI.com and ESPN.com (Page2).  He has 1 wish that he wants to share with basketball fans in the greater Seattle area: —– Steve Ballmer Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corporation Dear Mr. Ballmer, […]

Sushispotting: Flo & Safeway Sushi Bar

Sushispotting is a multipart series to review all 15 sushi restaurants in Downtown Bellevue. See the whole Sushispotting series here. — #6 Sushispotting: Flo Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar So I’ve had a lot of a comments on my Sushispotting posts, telling me I must go to Flo. Well, today […]

Sushispotting: Kobe Well Being Tonkatsu, Ginza, Sushiya

Sushispotting is a multipart series to review all 15 sushi restaurants in Downtown Bellevue. — #3 Sushispotting: Kobe Well Being Tonkatsu I was feeling lazy today, and hit the first sushi joint nearest my office. This also makes the first NEW sushi joint for me- I’ve never been to Kobe […]

Sushispotting in Downtown Bellevue

My office recently relocated from Pioneer Square to Downtown Bellevue– so now not only do I live here, I work here too. Besides the awesome commute (a 20-minute walk or a fun bike ride), I also get to explore new places for lunch. As always, my silver lining comes food-flavored. […]

Bellevue’s Most Wanted List

Downtown Bellevue has had some phenomenal growth within the last 3 years, but there are still stores and restaurants that we would be happy to see land in our backyard. We’ve put together our wish list of what we think would be a great fit for the area. Agree, disagree; sound […]

Bellevue’s Hungry For Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger is a ‘fast food’ sandwich shop that makes their food from preservative-free ingredients. The sandwich shops started in London in 1986 and expanded to New York in the US in 2000. There are over 200 stores in London and 24 in New York, along with stores in Hong […]