Downtown Bellevue Needs Shuffleboard

Downtown Bellevue’s nightlife scene has grown up over the last several years adding a “Vegas style” nightclub, luxury bowling alley, and more. One thing that is still lacking in Downtown Bellevue is a venue with good ol’ shuffleboard table. Shuffleboard is a bar game where players push metal-and-plastic pucks down […]

Bring H&M to Bellevue

The second largest fashion retailer in the world does not have a location in Bellevue. H&M is known for its highly economical fashion clothing styles, for both men and women. Currently in the Seattle area H&M has a number of retail locations: downtown Seattle, University Village, & Southcenter Mall. Bellevue […]

The Perfect Summer Day in Downtown Bellevue

The weather has been perfectly summer in Downtown Bellevue the last couple of weeks. I thought I would suggest a Downtown Bellevue ideal summer day, getting outside as much as possible. The ideal summer day starts with outdoor dining at Gilbert’s Main Street Bagel Deli for breakfast. I suggest ordering […]

Yogurtland: Just what Downtown Bellevue Has Been Craving

Have you been to Yougurtland in Downtown Bellevue since it opened in late January? If so you’ll notice how hard it is to find a parking spot in their shared lot (which I’m sure the other merchants can’t be happy about). On several occasions, at all hours of the day […]

Top 10 Stores Missed at Bellevue Square

I came across a post online that listed somebody’s wish list of the stores they wish were still around at Bellevue Square. This prompted me to create my own.  In no particular order here is my list of the 10 stores that I wish would come back at Bellevue Square: […]

4 Reasons That Amazon Retail Should Come to Downtown Bellevue

Unless you were ignoring the news media on Monday, you should know that Amazon is planning to test retail stores in the Seattle area. What better place than Downtown Bellevue to put their 1st test store. Here are the reasons that we think Amazon should choose Downtown Bellevue: Familiarity – […]