Ask Lea: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Dear Lea, What are the things that you enjoy in Downtown Bellevue? Curious George Dear Curious George, I’m excited to answer your question. There are so many different things that I enjoy in Downtown Bellevue that it’s hard to get me outta here! I was just telling someone today, who […]

Keep Your Cool

I’ve been so warm during this heat-wave; how do I keep cool in DT Bellevue? – Major Melt-Down Dear Major Melt-Down, I feel the heat. Most homes around town lack air conditioning, and this week’s heat has been so hot that even the National Weather Advisory has issued the Puget Sound […]

Bring Trader Joe’s to Downtown Bellevue!

Boaters World, as many may know, has gone out of business in Downtown Bellevue. It leaves vacant an appealing retail location at the corner of 108th Ave. & Main St. PetSmart has recently taken over what was previously Comp USA’s old location. before the company went out of business last […]

‘Leave Your Car at Home’ Day 1

‘Leave Your Car at Home’ Dispatch #1 From the time I turned 16, I’ve always had my own car.  It’s represented freedom to me.  I decided to challenge myself to go without my car for one month.  Why you ask?  To go green? To save money? Well, yes, all of […]

Ask Lea: Downtown Bellevue Study Spots

Dear Lea, I’m currently studying for the GMAT  and my girlfriend often works remotely. Do you have any suggestions for good study spots around Downtown Bellevue, that are quiet enough for me and have Wi-Fi for her? – Study Buddy Dear Study Buddy, This is a good question! I personally […]

Some of Old Bellevue’s Hidden Gems

I love shopping at the Bellevue Collection and eating at the local chains in Bellevue, but sometimes I want something more quaint and more boutique-y. Some of Bellevue’s best secret shops and eateries are right within walking distance of each other in Old Bellevue. If you are looking for a […]

Ask Lea: Eggs, Bunnies, and Brunch!

Dear Lea, Last year you wrote about where to go out to eat on Easter Sunday. We don’t have reservations yet, but my family and I would like to go out in Downtown Bellevue. What are the offerings? – Eager for Eggs Dear “Eager for Eggs,” It’s not too late. […]

Ask Lea: Downtown Bellevue Breakfast

Dear Lea, I used to go to Manzana all the time for breakfast, but since it closed I just haven’t gone anywhere else. There are so many new restaurants now. Where would you recommend going for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday? – Egg Eater Dear “Egg Eater,” Breakfast is […]

Shopping 101: The More You Spend the More You Save

You can look at the state of the economy in 2 ways: Oh no! I’m going to hunker down. Okay, we’re in this situation, I’m not going to put my life on hold. Let’s shop! But wait a minute…shop where? Where there’s sales and good deals…yes! In Bellevue! The HOT […]