Bellevue’s Wish List…

Downtown Bellevue has had an influx of new stores within the last 2 years, but there are still many desirable stores that have not yet made the leap to Bellevue yet. There are several retail stores that sell home furnishings in Downtown Bellevue such as Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and […]

Halloween in Bellevue – Room For Improvement

The night started off with extreme optimism! In the past, Bellevue has not been known for its Halloween Events and costume parties, but this year aimed to be different. The Bellevue Collection had several venues celebrating Halloween with special parties including STIR Martini + Raw Bar, The Parlor, and Pearl. Newly […]

Make It ‘Heli’ Stop

Noise, Pollution, Safety Concerns… Helicopters already wake my little boys… Intrusion on the community… Distraction to drivers… Quality of life…will be reduced Make it stop. I don’t know if I should be saying this about the ‘heli’ itself or to the group that’s out to make ‘heli stop.’ A group […]

Ask Lea: Halloween Happenings

Dear Lea, Are there any costume contests, drink specials, or parties happening this Halloween in Downtown Bellevue? I’d love a list of things to get people in the spirit of fun! – Jack-o-lantern Jake Dear Jack-o-lantern Jake, I have to say that Downtown Bellevue was a little slow jumping on […]

Bring Dean & Deluca to The Bravern in Bellevue!

Okay, everybody knows that The Bravern needs a coffee shop, and we can rest assured that the people over at The Bravern have heard us loud and clear! They are working on hopefully securing a tenant for spring 2010. The Bravern is a place to indulge oneself with luxury goods […]

Bellevue Tip: Parking at The Bravern

Have you self-parked at The Bravern? If you have then you’ve likely spent some time driving around several levels until you find parking. There are 3 (self-park) garage entrances at The Bravern, one on 110th Ave NE, one on NE 8th St, and one on 112th Ave NE (see map). All entrances are not […]

Ask Lea: Fall’n into the Swing of Things

Dear Lea, Now that my kids are back in school, I need to get my life together! I need to get back into the swing of things this fall, when it comes to my health and fitness routine. Do you have any suggestions or resources in the Downtown Bellevue area? […]

Street Marketing – Hopeless Attempt or Effective Solution?

If you’ve driven in Downtown Bellevue recently you’ve likely caught a glimpse of the many stores that are going out of business.  The most visible sign of this are the street marketers with their liquidation signs. When driving last Friday afternoon, I did a double take while passing the Galleria […]

Ask Lea: Family Happy Hour?

Dear Lea, I’ve taken my kids to a few of the happy hours around here, only to find that the seating is strictly at the bar (and therefore, no kids allowed), while some places also serve happy hour in their dining areas. Do you have a list of family-friendly happy […]