As previously speculated, the Ritz Carlton Hotel has been said to potentially occupy space in Downtown Bellevue for some time now. As Kemper Development Co., as well as other development companies, builds hotels in the coming years there will likely be a few 5-star hotels in the works.

Some 5-star hotels that could potentially be brought up in conversation for Bellevue are the following: Four Seasons, St. Regis, W Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, Fairmont Hotel, and others.

According to a reliable source, St. Regis Hotel is one of the hotels “in the running” to go into one of the two Kemper Development Co. potential hotel developments.

The W Hotel, although having a location in Seattle, would be a great fit with the new urban makeover Downtown Bellevue is currently under.

What hotel would you like to see come to Downtown Bellevue?


  1. With the large Asian population in Bellevue and the amount of international tourists the area gets from the other side of the Pacific, I think a Shangri-La or Mandarin Oriental will be a good fit. Some other chains I’d like to see in Bellevue or Seattle are Intercontinental, Omni, and Peninsula.

  2. I like the Mandarin Oriental suggestion. I have visited their hotels in Miami and Oahu. I am very impressed by this chain.

  3. I’d like to see a by the hour love hotel myself.

  4. I’d love to see a W. I think it’d fit really well into downtown Bellevue specifically around Bellevue Way. St. Regis would fit nicely with the Bravern development!

  5. I heard a rumour awhile back that W was going to take the spot where World Imports is currently… guess that fizzed.

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  7. I would rather see a one or two star hotel, we can only handle so many expensive places…

  8. Do you realize what a 1-star hotel is?? It’s hardly livable! 2 star hotels include Days Inn and Travelodge. Nasty!

  9. And who are the 5 star hotels built for? The “new Seattle” elites who can afford $1 million downtown Bellevue condos, and who will “summer” in the $2000 a night Hotel W three blocks away? I am unbelievably happy for the economic downturn and to see the market at 7500. Tons of people who’s entire phony lives were based on fake paper money that is no longer there. What ever happened to the low-density reserved Seattle that we grew up with? Scano-Japanese reserve and no matter how much money you had, you didn’t flaunt it in the REAL Seattle. Boy, how times change when you have about 700,000 Californians moving to the metro area every 10 years. Wholesale cultural degradation, especially of the Eastside.