Noise, Pollution, Safety Concerns…
Helicopters already wake my little boys…
Intrusion on the community…
Distraction to drivers…
Quality of life…will be reduced

Make it stop. I don’t know if I should be saying this about the ‘heli’ itself or to the group that’s out to make ‘heli stop.’ A group of Bellevue residents have teamed up as the Bellevue Residents for Responsible Heliport Policy.

This summer a helistop atop Kemper Development’s Bellevue Place building was approved. After extensive noise tests, approval was given for limited use on certain days of the week. It seemed like a reasonable agreement to us, and now like with most things, there is a ‘group of residents’ rising up to make the heli stop.

This group has urged the Bellevue City Counsel to delay helistops in Downtown Bellevue, specifically Kemper’s planned and approved helistop. They are mostly concerned about noise and safety, and an appeal for the Kemper Development Conditional Use Permit is now set for Monday, November 2nd at 8pm. As huge proponents of this appeal, they have plenty to say about safety concerns, but as far as I can tell don’t have much data to back up their real concerns. A lot of the dialogue sounds like anti-Kemper speak.

What’s your opinion? Do you care to make the ‘heli stop?’


  1. Kemper is notoriously anti-transit and anti-environment- he even sponsored the Bush fundraiser at the Hyatt on Bellevue Way back in August 2007. Questioning his judgement, IMHO, is a good thing. It sounds like you don’t agree with the protestors of the heliport, but given that Kemper is waaay to close with the people approving the permits, perhaps they have a point 🙂

  2. It was a big controversy in Federal Way too, with the new CFC church.. interested to see how Bellevue heli situation will pan out.

  3. clearly he is close to those making the decisions, but with the volume of tax revenue he is directly responsible for funding to the city and state…how could you expect anything different?

  4. The community doesn’t need it, obviously to most people it isn’t wanted, keep private helicopter noise out of Bellevue!

  5. Living in Downtown Bellevue but not working there I say bring it on, can’t think of a sight cooler. As for noise what are we looking at 5-10 mins per take off and landing.

  6. I have lived in Bellevue almost my whole life, and I have lived in Downtown Bellevue for almost 3 years. I have never once been woken up by helicopter noise, which is what a lot of people have been saying is already an existing disturbance. Also, pollution? What is the scale of pollution that a helicopter flying a few times per week (if that) will bring? I also have to say that I think it’s a stretch for people to say it’s a “distraction to drivers.” Our road and building construction is a way bigger distraction, and we live with that year round!

  7. People are just affraid of change! I live at Washington Square and Im looking forward to seeing Bellevue grow and get the permit for the helipad. Bellevue is not a small town anymore, it is a thriving city. This is just one of may steps that Bellevue will go through in the next 10-15 years. Im excited!!

  8. Nobody seems to complain much about police sirens, or garbage trucks which create much more regular noise than a helicopter would.

    I don’t really care one way or another, but I don’t think the noise would create as large of a disturbance as anticipated.

  9. I stayed in Dubai at a hotel next to another hotel with a helistop. There were no problems at all – in fact it was fun to watch the occasional chopper arrive and take off. My sleep was never disrupted. So, I think it would be a unique amenity that would continue to set Bellevue apart as a progressive and upscale community.

  10. IMHO, I don’t mind the helicopter noise. What’s the big deal? Bellevue residents tend to complain about everything. In the past & now, residents complained about homes becoming bigger and wider… Bellevue High School’s new parking lot expansion… Sound Transit BS. Goodness, we should just have a cup of STFU. LOL! There are few residents with heli stops in Medina. Now who cares? no one does.

  11. No big deal adding heli traffic and noise. Another great amenity to Bellevue.

  12. Amenity for whom? Unless it’s bringing in emergency/disaster supplies or evacuating people for medical care, what percentage of Bellevue residents will benefit?