You know you can’t fight it. It’s impossible. You’ve just had an amazing meal, you couldn’t think of eating another bite, yet the server glides by, tempting you with a look at the dessert menu. You don’t want to give an outright “no,” as that would be rude, so you say, “It can’t hurt to look…right?” And that’s it. Game over. Once you peruse the sugar-dusted offerings, you’re surely done-in by dessert. These are the top 3 temptations in Downtown Bellevue that will surely have your willpower bent and curled like a chocolate-covered pretzel. But what a heavenly way to indulge!

LOT No. 3’s Spiced Jar Cake
Keeping in theme with LOT’s rustic, vintage charm, this dessert is light on fussy presentation and heavy on warm-and-fuzzy comfort bliss. Like a favorite cozy woolen blanket you curl up under during a rainy day, their jar cake is a sticky, moist cinnamon-pudding cake soaked in a rich maple glaze. With flavors befitting our incoming fall months, it’s a dessert that pairs well with a cup of their French press coffee or a classic Old Fashioned cocktail with a little spice in it to compliment the cinnamon of the cake.

LOTNo3 Jar Cake

Pearl Bar & Dining’s Butterscotch Sundae
Think of it like a grown-up version of the childlike joy of getting an ice cream sundae at the corner ice cream shop. It’s a perfect contrast of temperatures, with the warm drizzle of rich butterscotch melting down the cold scoops of creamy Madagascar vanilla ice cream. The addition of pecan brittle and flaky, crisp palmier cookies adds a crunchy combination, finishing off this sophisticated adaptation of a frozen classic.

Pearl Bellevue Sundae

Cantinetta’s Zeppole
A Wallingford favorite now blessing Bellevue with its Tuscan culinary delights, Cantinetta’s dessert menu offers zeppole, an Italian version of doughnuts rolled in sugar and traditionally filled with a sweet cream or sauce. Cantinetta’s are airy, deliciously yeasty dough that’s fried crisp, dusted in a ginger sugar and then filled with a rich Nutella mascarpone. Pastry Chef Lorna Stokes noted how the zeppole have become a fast favorite with the Bellevue crowd. While the menu items at Cantinetta change out to highlight the freshest ingredients of the season, their zeppole remains a perennial item on the Eastside menu, as really, what’s more comforting than a freshly-made, sugar-dusted doughnut?

Cantinetta Doghnuts

The next time you’re visiting any of these restaurants, order your meal wisely, as it’s definitely worth saving room for dessert!

Pearl Bar & Dining
700 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 50, Bellevue

LOT No. 3
460 106th Ave. NE, Bellevue

10038 Main Street, Bellevue


  1. The Jar Cake is really good, but my favorite at Lot. No. 3 is the Smore. MMMMM

  2. I’d put the churros at Barrio on my list.

  3. I would also put the churros and the salt carmels from Barrio on the list.

  4. The salted caramels at Purple or Barrio are definitely a top 5 treat.

  5. I did NOT need to know it is possible to get zeppole in Bellevue.

  6. My favorite is creme brulee from Belle Pastry.

  7. For selection,quality,taste nothing touches The French Bakery in downtown Bellevue.

  8. The Pineapple Creme Brulee at Purple is really good too! Oh – and the Coconut Cream Pie at Seastar!

  9. Excellent article! Must try that jar cake!

    Your first paragraph instantly reminded me of every single time I dimsum…evil, evil black sesame balls and thier creamy egg tart brothers! Didn’t they see me just eat 10 steamer baskets-worth of food?!

  10. Seriously folks…all of these desserts are a MUST try! My favorite (right now) is the Jar Cake, but a close second is Pearl’s Sundae!

  11. Holy Smokeses. Which to try first!!! They all look good.

  12. Sweet – much thanks to all who are listing their own favorites! Keep the list growing; this is a great resource for those craving dessert!

  13. You know what else is delish is the Caramlized Banana Cream Pie at Ruth’s Chris!
    I’ll be sure to venture out to try the 3 recommendations as well – always love to know good dessert choices – thanks! 🙂