Bellevue ConnectionThe Bellevue Galleria in downtown Bellevue has been renamed the ‘Bellevue Connection’ and plans are in the works to upgrade the building, according to the PSBJ.

Madison Marquette, which bought the Sixth Avenue Northeast property last year for $88 million, is planning a $5 to $10 million renovation that will increase the amount of leasable space and improve the building’s exterior.

The Bellevue Connection features 203,000 square feet of retail and office space that is 96 percent leased. Tenants include Bungie, Gene Juarez, LA Fitness, Rock Bottom Brewery, and Men’s Warehouse.

An architecture firm is Seattle has been hired to design the upgrade.

Readers, would you like to see any specific changes to the Bellevue Connection building or the adjacent plaza and pedestrian corridor? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


  1. Would the city zoning laws allow for putting a Guardian tower on top of the place?

  2. Please put in wine bar, cafe (not Starbucks), and clothing boutiques, day spa or nice nail salons (other than gene Juarez). Basically a place where ladies can get together and do lunch, happy hour, spend the day afternoon or evening with friends and our moms. Walk-ability and an area where we could do all the above would be lovely! Think downtown Kirkland.

    Thank you!!

  3. Clean it. I go everyday to LA Fitness and the elevators are dirty, the escalators haven’t been cleaned in years and there’s dirt and garbage left lying around.

  4. Put more security stations and personnel in the parking garage for those of us that can’t walk there. It is the creepiest garage on the Eastside. A major reason for leaving Gene Juarez besides the ugly brown robes .

  5. A replacement for the recently closed Cafe Habits would be nice.

  6. ‘Bellevue Connection’: a totally soulless name, one to run away from….
    The usual banal corporate taste expressed.

  7. Given that the QFC renovation cost $6.7 million, I’m not sure how extensive the renovations will be…

  8. Isn’t Bellevue Connection a bus line?

  9. Firstly, Jonka, the QFC remodel is a completely different property, different ownership, different location, so not sure at all what that has to do with Galleria/Bellevue Connection. Also, the pedestrian corridor is owned by the City, improvements to the building do not necessarily mean updates to the ped corridor. As far as the new name, agree with other comments, too corporate.

  10. Not a good name choice at all! I suggest that the Bellevue Reporter sponsor a contest for the new name.

  11. Worst.

  12. @Anom: Just saying that $5M doesn’t buy that much in improvements on commercial property…

  13. Definitely don’t like the new name. I never go to that plaza, and I don’t anticipate that anything they plan for that space in the remodel will entice me to go there in the future.