Bellevue’s first condominium building in nearly a decade, One88, has released pricing for the 21-story residential tower. The price range for the luxury residential tower runs from $900k to $6M.

Located at the intersection of Bellevue Way Northeast and Northeast second, the luxury condos feature 147 one, two and three-bedroom residences, as well as penthouse residences. Units with two and three bedrooms will make up 80% of the building. There will be no studios offered.

The sales gallery for One88 is planned to open in early 2018. The units will run between 750 to 2,900 square feet. For more information on the project or to sign-up for pre-sale information visit the One88 website.

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  1. I’m sorry I see nothing special about this building for these prices..another square building and flat top.

  2. I will translate Erik’s comment: i am too poor to buy an apartment here and i will feel better about myself bashing about the building.

  3. User “Not a bashing boy” should be called “Bashing Boy” or “Bashing Idiot”

  4. Former DT Resident

    $900k for a 750 sq. ft. 1B? Am I missing something?

  5. Rapid shape shifting of the skyline

  6. Former DT Resident

    $1,200 per sq ft. seems pretty lofty when market is probably around $700-775 per sq. ft. right now in DT Bvue in the newer properties. Are you sure $900k is the starting point?

  7. @Former DT Resident, yes we’re sure this is the starting point. I spoke with a One88 representative early in the week. They are currently making outbound calls to those that have signed up for the list.

  8. Haters gonna hate, but I think this looks amazing! Really great location too with it being right next to Safeway and the park. 24 Hour Fitness is a block away, too. Whoever scored this deal is super genius.

  9. Builders can ask what they want but ultimately the buyers will determine the market rate. The builders may have been watching “million dollar listing “ too frequently … ?

  10. Remarkable and unique angular architecture.
    The market will set the rate.
    Always has, always will.

  11. True, the market will set the price. But the market is currently – some might even say “artificially” – manipulated by the lack of condominium inventory throughout the region. What happens when some of the apartments in the market shift to condominiums or considerable new inventory is built at attractive prices? Will this happen quickly or over a long enough period of time such that housing prices rise sufficiently to absorb a purchase made at the top of the market? Remember what happened to homebuyers and projects built just before the Great Recession.

  12. Over priced at ~$1100 per sqft. Don’t care if it’s new construction, nice building, low inventory. You can’t ask for a 50% premium over the market price. They’ll get some buyers that are desperate, but I expect the units will sit for a long time. Who knows since there are only 143 units. Any buyer shouldn’t expect to be able to make money on this for a long time, and definitely don’t try to rent to cover cost. Market is slowing down and this is not SF or Vancouver. I am not recommending this based on over-zealous pricing.

  13. It’s my opinion that they will have buyers that:
    1. Care about the luxury and amenities
    2. Want to avoid horrible traffic into and out of Bellevue and perhaps walk to work
    3. Love the location of walking to all the shops, dinning, and amenities.
    If I could afford it and it ended up an exceptional beautiful building, I would consider it if the price is in line with other like luxury buildings. It’s a lifestyle choice. But, not many people can afford it – unfortunately, I’m not one of them. At these prices it’s just a different buyer. I don’t consider them desperate. They want the city walk to everything lifestyle with the amenities that go with it.

  14. The white knight comments are probably agents. This is way over priced and you can find a house in DT area for 900k and for the top end of 6m easily buy on M. Island or Medina. These guys are basing this on the train coming in, but have priced way to high imho. The dues will be atrocious as well as the taxes.

  15. Also they are banking on the Chinese to buy but even those have started to drop off due to being over charged. 6m penthouse ? Bwahhaaa hope builder loses his shirt

  16. Builders will not lose their shirts. Investors will not lose their shirts. At this price heaven help the person who would like to resell within the next decade. Units look lovely, and perhaps those moving here from San Fran and New York can afford them. Northwest money (I mean earned here) are out of reach. So when you drive by be sure to honk your horn to welcome your out of town neighbors.

  17. lolz, was curious and ended up here.
    only warning regarding this is do your due diligence check out Insignia by Bosa and the honest reviews.
    The positives are same as this property. Some negatives: actual sq. ft. varies and not what you should expect foe quality at these price points

  18. Another Chinese dude

    Can confirm. I’m not buying. I bet the hoa is crazy expensive as well…
    Not a good investment

  19. Bosa has a great reputation in Canada and Bellevue at $1000/sq is a pretty good deal considering Vancouver BC luxury condos are going for $2000/sq these days.