Photo Credit: City of Bellevue

Amazon recently announced that the company plans to increase its presence in Bellevue. As originally reported in a Geekwire article, Amazon is relocating its worldwide operations team to Bellevue by 2023, which is currently based in Seattle.

According to an employee email that was sent out by Dave Clark, senior vice president of the worldwide operations team, the move allows the company to grow while maintaining the campus feel that employees are used to around South Lake Union.

Amazon has 45,000 employees at its Seattle campus and 700 employees in Bellevue. The first Amazon office was opened in Bellevue in 2017. The move is set to begin this month.

The worldwide operations team at Amazon oversees 250,000 employees worldwide across 173 fulfillment centers. They ensure that packages get delivered to customers, manage delivery trucks and the company’s 40 airplanes. The team is one of the largest and most important at Amazon.

We reported in January that Amazon was the most probable buyer for Bellevue Corporate Plaza. Since then, they have bought the building. Equity Commonwealth has been planning a two-tower project for the property, Bellevue 600. The plans include a 450-foot office building along with a hotel. The real estate investment company also owns Tower 333 that Amazon will begin leasing in 2020. In 2017, Amazon leased Centre 425 on the corner of 106th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 4th Street, for teams like Amazon Web Services and Amazon devices.


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