An application for design review has been submitted to the city of Bellevue for a six-story mixed-use residential project, “Main Street Apartments”. Real estate developer, Pastakia LLC, specializes in mixed-use, urban infill projects in the Puget Sound area.

Pastakia LLC has plans to demolish the existing three-story Surrey building, also referred to as the “Old Seattle Times” building, located at 10777 Main Street. The project is on the Southwest corner of the intersection of Main Street and 108th Avenue Northeast. The total square footage of the development is about 115, 323 gross square feet on a site of .95 acres.

The proposed six-story building will include 125 residential units and 1,506 square feet of active-use space. The ground floor will have active-use space, as well as the residential lounge and lobby. The 125 apartments will consist of studios, one, two and three-bedroom units. Submitted plans also include two levels of underground parking for 146 vehicles.

Site improvements for the project consist of a 14-foot multi-use path along Main Street, a new sidewalk along 108th Avenue Southeast and an enhanced landscaping along the South property line.

Main Street Apartments / Surrey on Main
10777 Main Street
Bellevue, WA 98004


  1. 108th and Main is already the most screwed up intersection in existence, and I done mean just in Bellevue. The many (drivers) pay in time wasted for the very few (bikes). Please give us back the lane that was right on red for at least 40 years. Please. When school lets out the back up is at least 1/4 of a mile and 10 minutes or more. Why should we be made to pay (in time) for the benefit of the few? With this project things will be even worse.

  2. Bellevue is the worse to dive in already. Toolk me nearly 30 minutes the other day to get 1.8 miles in town. The city council must not live here in Bellevue or they would put a stop to this madness. Stop building in Bellevue, you greedy bastards! Yuck and now Amazon? I guess people don’t care if it will eventually take an hour to get 1.8 miles in Bellevue!

  3. Tracy Carnahan

    The jack in the box at Bellevue Way and Main is closed. Is the a permanent closure or what is the story there?

  4. @Tracy – We saw that and are currently researching why it closed and what will go there. We will update you as soon as we know!