Jack in the Box, previously located on Bellevue Way Northeast, recently closed and removed all of the building’s signage.

According to the realtor for the property, Jack in the Box was the owner of the building that they were occupying and sold the building. After the sale, they decided to move out of that location.

There is not a current tenant identified to take its place at this time.

What would you like to see go into this location?


  1. Ivar’s!

  2. Tracy carnahan

    That location is too small but we need a Spaghetti Factory here in Bellevue. Bring it.

  3. Lot is small, had no drive through due to the Bellevue ban on them in the downtown of which only wendy’s was old enough to grandfather. Was being overrun by homeless which made the outside area unusable and scared off the older folks that live in the apartments and condos on Bellevue Way a block south who were “the regulars”.

    Dick’s needs more room for parking and it’d be a nightmare on the corner like that – think about the ridiculousness of chik-fil-a traffic where they went in on that corner – it’d be more of the same. Dick’s shoudl go back to where they were originally in bellevue in the 50s. Buy out wells fargo on 12th and bellevue way – the parking lot is big enough to absorb the surge of crowds.

  4. Something amazing & bougie, like – Philz Coffee, yazzzz!!!

  5. If I recall correctly, that Jack in the Box has been there since 1968. I came across some ads for the grand opening in my Eastside Journal research. I don’t think even McDonald’s made it to the Eastside until the late Seventies.

  6. I assume they’ll try to combine parcels… the strip mall and small office building to south and the vet office to the east could cede to a pretty big residential development. How high is it zoned for?

  7. Dave Quick – Dick’s did not go in until the early 60’s. They did have a good location just North of the Post Office, but that is now an apartment building. Dick’s would be better off near where the BK is East of 405 on 8th.

  8. Doggie Park

  9. Broiler Bay!!!!!

  10. Dick’s Drive In would be perfect! I was wondering…did Jack in the Box only own the building and not the land?

  11. Luxury Condos

  12. Affordable housing close to the vibrant downtown.

  13. Spuds Fish & Chips, Shake Shack or Dicks. Spuds would be my first choice.

  14. Brian Lutz. McDonalds was here in the early 60’s. 104th. Small white tile structure, golden arches. Dicks north on 104th existed as well early 60’s.

  15. The one on 148th & Bel-Red has also closed. Sign of the times.

  16. Realistically, that parcel (on which the store was located) those immediately proximate to it (a/k/a strip mall where the Subway is located) will, if they have not already, be bought out by developer looking to do mixed use development not un-similar to Main Street Flats et al. Depending on zoning, this may also go south down Bellevue Way. It is absolutely fascinating to watch the “low hanging fruit” disappear from Downtown Bellevue.

  17. Put a Red Robin there.

  18. Salt & Straw

  19. Joyce Hansbearry

    Why must all the drive-thrus vanish? It’s not always just a matter of convenience, but what about people who are in a rush or those that might be sick? It’s almost like no fast food restaurant can make it downtown. What are the housekeepers, service technicians, bus boys, sales clerks that work in downtown supposed to do? Go to Daniel’s for lunch everyday? Put a drive-thru on top of a building. One of the banks has a drive-thru in a parking garage! The Powers that Be should get creative. Not everyone can afford to live in Bellevue, but eat in Bellevue? I sincerely hope so!

  20. My guess? Land values to expensive for any fast food to pencil out… thinking more of what is being built on old main street…

  21. Rick- Spot on! Affordable housing! Maybe traffic would be a tiny bit better if many of the folks who worked here could actually live here?

  22. There going to need to put something there… affordable please

  23. Anything but condos with ground floor retail.