Bellevue Club in 1979, photo credit: Bellevue Club

Bellevue Club is celebrating its 40th anniversary. As a leading social and athletic facility on the Eastside, Bellevue Club offers programs for both adults and children to explore, play and connect through recreational and social opportunities.

Founded by 1,000 early members who felt there was a need for a community resource that included recreation, wellness and social aspects, Bellevue Club quickly grew to 3,000 memberships. Before the athletic club was started, the core of Bellevue was Bellevue Square, The Crab Apple, Fredericks, and other shops. The only high-rise office was the PACCAR building and the leading hotel was the Holiday Inn.

The Bellevue Club officially opened on August 6, 1979, featuring a variety of social and recreational spaces, including a restaurant and racquetball courts. As the years went on, the club grew to offer locker rooms, the Olympic Ballroom, and an aerobics studio and Studio 2 that were built above the racquetball courts. In 1995, Bellevue Club Hotel opened in February with 67 rooms. Two years later, the spa opened as well. Since 1998, many remodels and additions have been done to the Bellevue Club, like the expansion of the gym and athletic facilities, as well as the remodel of indoor pool, men’s locker room and the restaurant, Splash.

In addition to their wellness center, recreational activities, camps and more, Bellevue Club has hosted many memorable events at their facilities, including; fashion shows, race-walking events, synchronized swimming, fencing, singles meet-and-greets, costume parties and theatre productions.

To celebrate this milestone, Bellevue Club is hosting Membership Appreciation Week August 5 through 11. Members can look for gifts and special offers to pop up around the club in places like the spa, Polaris, fitness classes, aquatic center and more.

In the month of August, current members can refer new members and both will receive a $1,000 credit on their Bellevue Club account.

The Bellevue Club has provided a space for countless memories to be made over its 40 years. For more information on joining the club and all it has to offer, please visit their website.

Bellevue Club 1980, photo credit: Bellevue Club
Bellevue Club Fashion Show 1983, photo credit: Bellevue Club
Basketball at Bellevue Club 1984, photo credit: Bellevue Club
Pre-Outdoor Pool 1991, photo credit: Bellevue Club
Total Body Conditioning at Bellevue Club 1994, photo credit: Bellevue Club

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