Photo Credit: Kidder Mathews

According to a representative at California Pizza Kitchen, the casual dining restaurant will permanently close on Wednesday.

California Pizza Kitchen was known for their California-style pizza. They also offered salads, pasta, power bowls and more. The restaurant opened in the ’90s.

The retail space is available for lease as of September 1, according to the listing agency, Kidder Mathews. The building totals 6,600 square feet, which includes 3,600 SF at ground level and a 3,000 SF basement, as well as 219 shared parking spaces. The price to lease is $40 per square foot. The restaurant is turnkey ready but can also be remodeled. The lease term is three years.

The building was built in 1996. California Pizza Kitchen has been the only restaurant in that space since opening.

Photo Credit: Kidder Mathews
Photo Credit: Kidder Mathews


  1. Truly a sad day for CPK!

  2. I saw you at Purple a couple weeks ago! OmGosh!

  3. There was a California Pizza Kitchen in business in West Seattle? I guess there are enough folks with good taste in the area who go elsewhere. Good riddance to one of the worst chains ever!

  4. Victim of new wage laws I suspect. Watch for more failures.

  5. @Me

    Maybe it’s a victim of booming Bellevue economy (higher rent) and mediocre pizza.

  6. Restaurant staff making more than hospital workers? Only in WA.

    Opening a table service (tipping) restaurant around here is suicidal.

    We’ll all be eating fast food and at supermarkets soon.