Photo Credit: The Shops at The Bravern

Neiman Marcus may close four of its full line stores as part of its bankruptcy reorganization that includes The Bravern store in Bellevue. A&G Real Estate Partners who is marketing the properties for rent is positioning them as good locations for office, residential, hotel and retail uses. The other locations that are being marketed also include Walnut Creek, California, Washington D.C. and Palm Beach, Florida

The Bravern Neiman Marcus store opened in September 2009, and currently occupies 124,637 square feet with a lease until 2040, with options to extend until 2090.

According to A&G Real Estate Partners, the Neiman Marcus rent at The Bravern is $781,474 annually.

Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy in May earlier this year.

We reported in early 2019 that The Bravern luxury shopping complex had been for sale since mid-2018. In total The Bravern has 313,119 square feet of retail space.

Neiman Marcus Bellevue store is currently located at 11111 NE 8th Street.


  1. This comes as no surprise. The inside of Neiman Marcus has been like a ghost town nearly from day one that
    the shopping center opened. The entire design of the complex is awkward and not user friendly.

  2. At the beginning there were brands that were different than what Nordstrom carried, yet appealing to the PNW buyer. Over time they started carrying many of the same brands and exact items within a brand. I will miss some of the sales people, but they were pretty frustrated by what they had to offer at the end. The buy was just so disappointing. At the end we could feel the pall of desperation since there were always more sales staff than customers. I will be sorry to lose Neiman’s since I have been a loyal customer for decades. Perhaps a Saks in that space ?

  3. Is it a coincidence that all 4 closures are in cities that were looted?

  4. Unless Bellevue Square stands a militia it will be looted again. We know that the police are more concerned about looking bad for doing their job than doing it. “Preserving Life”, I keep hearing Mylett say that. I guess preserving life means not intervening when “aggressive shopping” by “mostly peaceful” looters occurs.

  5. Neiman Marcus just assumed every person living in Bellevue is wealthy and buying a blouse that cost $1000+ is ok! It has this eerie feeling once you browse the store…very dead silent.

  6. Neiman Marcus in Bellevue relied heavily on its Asian clientele. Once they lost that demo, it was all over.

  7. So sad another beautiful dept. store bites the dust…with cafe inside. The famous NM popovers Yumm! Hardly any class left in USA art of shopping. Mostly greedy warehouse tacky shopping options like horrible Amazon and Walmart!!!
    What’s coming in place of NM Bellevue; bloomingdale’s or Saks?
    Shameful too downtown Seattle’s macy*s closed aka Bon Marche!

  8. I shop online with Neiman Marcus but have never been to the Bellevue store. I used to like buying jewelry when they had a shop at Westlake in downtown Seattle. Although the Bellevue mayor requested the national guard when Bellevue was attacked by the terrorists, whereas Seattle Durkan did not, being so close to Seattle the terrorists will return to Bellevue again. The goal is to burn down the cities.