Bis on Main's Joe Vilardi
Joe Vilardi, Owner of Bis on Main, is transferring ownership to Bobby Moore.

Joe Vilardi, owner of long-time Bellevue restaurant, Bis on Main, has officially moved on. He co-founded the restaurant in 1998 with Michael Fredji. Joe took full ownership after the first year of opening.

“I am moving on, but the chicken will remain! Thanks to all the many many great staff and customers who have made Bis on Main one of Seattle’s best restaurants for nearly 25 years. We are truly blessed to have served so many wonderful people and that is what I will miss the most!” – Joe Vilardi

The Old Bellevue staple features upscale American cuisine with European flavors.

Bobby Moore, longtime chef of Barking Frog and Willows Lodge, announced his plans to leave the restaurant that he had been at for the past 20 years, to take over ownership of Bis on Main. Ownership will officially be transferred on October 1st.

Moore plans to keep the name of the restaurant, as well as the staff the same. According to a representative for Bobby Moore Restaurants, Moore’s goal is to build on what Vilardi has created the past 20 years. He would like to keep evolving the restaurant and put twists on some of the classic dishes.

Bis on Main will undergo some remodeling to achieve a space with an open floor plan.

While Bis on Main remains a dinner destination, Moore’s space next door on Main Street, Bar Moore, will have light bites and drinks to enjoy before or after dinner. Bar Moore will be opening its doors this week.


  1. Thank you Joe and your Team for many memorable evenings. We wish you all the best.

    – Mark and the Team at T-Mobile

  2. I’m so glad the restaurant is changing ownership. We stopped going despite loving the food because Joe was always awful. Looking forward to returning to this local restaurant.

  3. Great news looking forward to new owner & change is really good. Joe was not nice to a lot of us. You had to be in the million $$ club & spend lots. Hopefully his staff will change also as I think some have worked for him to long.

  4. Dear Joe,
    When you opened Bis on Main, it was a breath of fresh air for Bellevue amidst a plethora of boring chain restaurants. We could stay close to home for excellent food at reasonable prices served by a dedicated and gracious staff in comfortable surroundings. Your vision and personal touch gave us 25 years of joyous memories. Thank you! You will be dearly missed. I hope we don’t lose the staff as well.

  5. GOOD RIDDANCE…I worked there for 2 years and though I made good money Joe might be the most horrible person I have ever met. This grandpa aged man is still getting escorts and doing coke with a young kid at home. He judges everyone that comes in and will tell you they’re booked if you look less than wealthy. He constantly swears at and demeans his employees. He has specifically said to seat families and blacks in the back because that doesn’t attract customers.