Bar Moore Bellevue
Bar Moore Bellevue

Bar Moore recently announced on their social media account that they will be closing as of January 27, 2024. The address is 10237 Main Street. Bar Moore is next to Realogics | Sotheby’s International Realty office.

The message that was posted on Instagram reads, “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Bar Moore on Saturday, January 27th. The Bar Moore team and staff would like to extend our gratitude for an incredible year on Main Street, however, we now need to turn our full attention and focus to Bis on Main, our sister restaurant located two doors down. Bis on Main had an overwhelming, positive response in 2023 and as a local family run establishment, we recognize our limitations as well as our strengths. We do not take this decision lightly and have given this the proper thought and consideration it deserves. We are focusing on the positive fact that we now have the full capability and capacity to continue with our impeccable and personable service our guests at Bis on Main have become accustomed to. Hospitality, creative and unique menus and most importantly, upholding and building on an Old Bellevue legacy is what we aspire to. 2024 is already proving to be an incredible year of growth and exciting new changes and we cannot wait to share with you what @bisonmainrestaurant has been working on. We thank you again for the love and support and forever will be grateful for being named the Best Bar of Bellevue 2023. It truly has been our pleasure popping corks, shaking cocktails, shucking oysters and getting to know you. See you soon at Bis on Main where the bubbles will continue to flow and your favorite bartenders Spencer, Jason and Arianna await!”

Bobby Moore Restaurants is the owner of both Bar Moore and Bis on Main, which is located just two doors down in Old Bellevue.

Bar Moore first opened in September 2022. It was announced in August 2022 that Bobby Moore would be taking over the space that was originally B-Bar, a café and cocktail lounge. Moore left his position as Executive Chef at Willows Lodge and Barking Frog after 20 years.

B-Bar opened in 2020 at Realogics | Sotheby’s International Realty. The Bellevue real estate branch wanted to incorporate retail and restaurant space into their office. This essentially turned into Bar Moore, and the spaces overlapped. B-Bar was a cafe and coffee bar during the day, and cocktail lounge/piano bar by night.

Bar Moore was intended to be a space that people could gather together and feel welcome. The goal was for it to be a destination spot to enjoy a drink before or after dinner, or for a fun date night of eating and drinking for hours.

The company had just announced that they were opening Cafe Moore, a coffee spot by day, Monday through Friday, from 10am to 2pm. Claire Sumadiwirya of Bellden Cafe was at the forefront of this project, using the Job Readiness program that she created. Bellden believes in empowering marginalized talent, fostering community collaboration, and offering job readiness training that acts as a catalyst for positive change.

Sumadiwirya explained, “The doors we’ve opened through this partnership are not just entrances to a delightful cafe experience, but gateways to opportunities that enhance skills, build capacity, and create a profound ripple effect of empowerment.”

According to Claire, Cafe Moore will be operating until the end of January, while working on a plan for the Sotheby’s office.

Bis on Main, the upscale American restaurant with European flavors, remains open. Ownership transferred from Joe Vilardi to Bobby Moore in the fall of 2022. Moore has kept the name of the restaurant the same, as well as staff. The address is 10213 Main Street.


  1. I’ve driven by that location maybe a half dozen times in the last two years. Never knew there was a bar there. Might have been more successful if they’d had a more prominent sign.

  2. Never even knew this was there!

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