Have you noticed while parking at Bellevue Square, you can now actually see where you are driving now? You can credit this to the new white fluorescent lights that have (finally) been installed throughout the parking garages. Previously were lights that were yellowish in nature (puke).

This is just one of many new upgrades that will be made over this summer at Bellevue Square. Kemper Freeman announced a couple of months back that starting in June they will begin construction of remodeling of the interior of Bellevue Square’s entryways, floors, lighting, ceiling treatments and new finishes to the stairways and elevators. This interior construction should be completed by fall 2008. This is about time, it seems very odd that one of the most successful and upscale malls in the country has a color theme of dark brown, and rusty brown on the floors then accented by green railings. An upgrade in this area will pleasantly be invited.

Also a new “luxury” wing of the mall will begin construction, with a completion date of fall 2009. This new wing of Bellevue Square will include small boutique stores where currently J.C. Penney’s and Macy’s parking lot is currently located. My question regarding this project is… It is referred to as a “luxury wing”. I consider most of Bellevue Square is an upscale luxury mall. What are these “luxury” stores that are going to bring Bellevue Square to an even higher level?

Be prepared for the Bellevue Square construction…


  1. Not to mention the construction they’re doing to the third floor of the parking lot on the western side of Nordstrom…

  2. Well there easily enough luxury retail boutiques that Bellevue doesn’t have that could fill The Bravern and Kemper projects. Now let’s see if they are really are going to be able to snag them. By looking at the site for the shops at Bal Harbour, which is pretty spectacular shopping, I came up with the following;

    Betsey Johnson
    Chanel Boutique
    St. John
    Emporio Armani
    Ralph Lauren
    Alfred Dunhill
    Dooney & Bourke
    Van Cleef & Arpels
    Lois Vuitton
    Harry Winston
    Jimmy Choo
    Dolce & Gabbana
    Lulu Couture
    Marc Jacobs
    Oscar de La Renta

  3. This is a great list!!!

  4. that is a ridiculous list, and totally stupid to think that all of those stores would go into BELLEVUE for gods sake, i mean san francisco and boston don’t have some of those stores, and there fashion cities!