Any suggestions on programs that will help me keep my New Years resolution? I’m trying to get in better shape this year and actually stick with it.
– New Year, New Me

Dear New Year, New Me,

If losing weight, getting fit, staying healthy, or improving your lifestyle is one of your New Years Resolutions, then I encourage you to get a head start on it with ONVO in Downtown Bellevue. Starting Tuesday, January 6th, ONVO – Whole Body Health and Wellness Studio – hosts its 4th annual “ONVO Cup.” ONVO Cup is a 6-week program centered around nutrition, movement, and community, that’s sure to improve your life.

ONVO’s core motto is that life = health and health = life. ONVO Cup is a fun team competition where you earn points for living a better life through yoga or conditioning classes, nourishment education, and a few community events. The cost of the 6-week program is $179. For this price you’ll learn about your body and what you should put in it, while exercising, meeting new people, and enjoying life!

So don’t put your resolution on the back burner this year. Kick it up a notch with ONVO, and register by Tuesday, January 6th at 12pm.

Happy New Year,

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  1. this sounds like an ad for ONVO.
    I’m a little disappointed in the response.

    The question posed was were there any programs… plural.

    I would have also mentioned the other numerous fitness centers in dt which many have personal trainers and list their fees/programs. Also you could have mentioned any walking/running clubs that meet frequently.

    Makes me wonder if this was a real write in question or if ONVO paid you guys for placement?

  2. Here’s a list of USATF certified running clubs in the area:

  3. I never knew about ONVO Cup before sounds like a near idea. How many people participate?

  4. It does sound too good to be true, but the reason I decided to spotlight ONVO is because I have had such a great experience with them. I have gone through their Spring, Summer, and Fall Training Camps and have taken athletic conditioning and yoga classes there. I really find it to be a place for community, encouragement, and education.

    I also belong to 24 Hour Fitness but hardly find myself there anymore because of ONVO. I would say that on average, there has been about 25-35 participants in past events I have participated in.

    I really encourage you to at least come to orientation tomorrow night to check it out!