The French Bakery Bellevue Elements Too

The French Bakery has its signs and permits up at Elements Too, the newly finished apartment complex in Downtown Bellevue on 111th Ave NE.  A large banner promoting the bakery indicates that the store will open in September.

The bakery has locations in Kirkland & Crossroads.  The French Bakery will mark the 1st retail store to open at Elements Too.

The French Bakery
909 112th Ave NE Ste 106
Bellevue, WA 98004

The French Bakery Bellevue Elements Too


  1. You mean Downtown Bellevue, right? Isn’t there also a French Bakery location in Crossroads?

  2. Yes, Chris you are correct, we have updated the post. Thx!

  3. Got to learn some self control. Between this place, Top Pot, and Panera bread I am going to die weighing 400 pounds

  4. I’m not famililar with this place, but I suspect I’ll become so once it opens as I am about to move into Elements myself. I do suspect that the location seems to leave something to be desired (it’s a somewhat hidden spot with no apparent visibility from 112th) so it remains to be seen how well it’ll do there. It’ll probably end up serving mostly apartment tenants as most people won’t even know it’s there.

  5. This place is amazing!! I’ve frequented the one in Crossroads and its great! It is a bit hidden here, but due to the high density of residents it the immediate area I think it will do very well.

  6. Absolutely fantastic bakery and more. The best coffee around. A real winner

  7. This is exciting…one more bakery within walking distance.

  8. We need a place like this to the South of NE 8th. Too many of them (Top Pot, Panera, French Bakery) are located to the North of 8th. Residents living to the south of NE 8th don’t seem to have many bakery options, other than walking two-three blocks and crossing the dreaded NE 8th street.

  9. “The dreaded NE 8th”…lol

  10. Elements Too building is so far away from the downtown core though…. was kinda hoping they will pick a place close to Bellevue Square area.

  11. So far away! I don’t think my hoveround will survive the 5 minute trek across town, my corpulent mass puts quite a strain on dem cheeto-stained wheels… 🙁

  12. I work in the Architecture firm that moved into the suite above the Bakery last week. We can’t wait for it to open. I know I (as well as my co-workers) will frequent it daily.

  13. Darn!

    A bakery was supposed to open under Bellevue Towers where I live, but yet another bar from the Heavy Group ws opened next to two they already had under the very same building. Come on!

    I envy the people close to this bakery. We desperately need one in our quadrant of downtown…. 🙁

  14. Not only are the pastries and cakes fantastic but the crepes and salads are incredible.

  15. I don’t have good impression with the owner. He’s very impolite and rude to his employee. I and my friends all saw it once we visited there.

  16. Yea, I kinda know that, too. But that’s not my business, so I just go there to enjoy coffee and pastries.