365 by Whole Foods Market in Bellevue Square is closing at the end of business on Saturday, October 14, according to a company representative. Items at the store will be fifty percent off.

365 by Whole Foods was a highly anticipated addition to Bellevue Square. The store opened in September 2016. The Bellevue location, made up of 30,000 square feet, was the third 365 by Whole Foods to open in the U.S.

Insiders over the past year have mentioned that the store’s sales have been weak.

According to a company spokesperson, the closure of 365 by Whole Foods Market at Bellevue Square was planned prior to the Amazon merger.


  1. Memories of Your Local Market

  2. That’s too bad! I’m really going to miss their awesome teaBOT tea machine

  3. Food market in the mall never works especially when it is located in the basement which nothing else is there and no one knows about it and the customer service was horrible too

  4. This may have worked out great, had the two planned towers of homes had been built over the current JC Penny parking garage. (See http://www.urbancondospaces.com/files/2014/02/Bellevue-Square-Expansion_Web_final.jpg) But because that’s not scheduled to be built for a bit – the local neighborhood was not enough to sustain it – especially when a fully featured Whole Foods is about a mile away.

  5. The customer service at the 365 store we as PHENOMENAL and the team there was hard working and attentive. They will be well taken care of by Whole Foods and will have jobs at sister stores. I appreciate the effort to try something in this location. The company tries things and learns from mistakes. I consider that the definition of business growth and development. Bravo to you 365 team!!

  6. Wow…They hardly gave it a chance

  7. Sorry the service at Bellevue Square 365 was horrible. I know many people who refused to shop there because of how horrible their manager was. This is the reason they are closing and Whole Foods should have listened to customer complaints sooner.

  8. Customers are sick & tired of rude workers at Whole Foods too!! Sometimes those low-wage employees behave like they’re above-the-law & think that they can be rude any way they see fit!! It’s so stupid!! Their 365 grocery store could have been a success, but too bad they’ve failed!! Those damn managers need to change their bad attitude!!

  9. Rose is a zombie an is most definitely out of the loop if she thinks those employees will be taken care of. She is one of the few left drinking the kool aid.

  10. The location wasn’t great. Yes, it was in the heart of Bellevue downtown. However it was close to Safeway that has great deals all year around with loyal customers… was a huge factor. Also the the vegetables wasn’t as fresh as wholefoods. Right now Bellevue downtown needs more restaurants and food courts, not highend super markets….

  11. Hardly any warning and now it’s over. Very disappointed as I really liked the whole concept of that store: in a shopping mall; low prices; deli counter; healthy stuff and so convenient. I really don’t think they thought ahead on this as there are tons of new apartments, condos and retail establishments going up around that area. They really didn’t give it enough time.