Photo Credit: TREE website

A sustainable furniture and home decor store, TREE, is opening on April 10 in the Design Market. Located in the same complex as Kasala and Relax the Back, this new boutique offers locally crafted, eco-luxurious sofas and chairs, natural rugs and hand-sewn organic bedding and fabrics.

This contemporary furniture store uses handcrafted, chemical-free, natural and organic fabrics for their sofas, upcycled yarns and recycled plastic bottles for their throws, and natural materials like jute, seagrass and upcycled denim for their rugs. Their goal is to transform the way that customers think about everyday sustainability. If you are interested in finding out more about choosing the best contemporary rug for your home, you may want to visit somewhere like HTTP://BAZAARVELVET.COM/ for ideas.

TREE partners with Seattle-based non-profit Forterra, to support reforestation within the Pacific Northwest, and has planted about 80,000 trees globally to give back to the land that allows them to create their designs.

TREE opened its first location in Hong Kong and then expanded to a gallery in Tacoma. This will be the third location for the company. They plan on further expansion in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information, please visit their website.


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