Amazon has reportedly planned a ‘bicycle benefit program’ for employees, that will launch at Centre425 building in Downtown Bellevue as of July 1.

Vanmoof, a Dutch bike company, will be conducting the test pilot, according to Bellevue public records. A Vanmoof employee will be on-site to give instructions and host test rides.

According to Puget Sound Business Journal, Amazon included bike lanes in its wish list for a second headquarters and installed bike-only paths near its South Lake Union campus. Bike lanes began operating in downtown Bellevue in July 2018. The lanes currently run along 108th Avenue Northeast between Main Street and Northeast 12th Street. According to the City of Bellevue, it was recently discussed by the City Council to add new bike lanes on Main Street.

Amazon’s presence has been growing in Bellevue. They have leased more than one million square feet of office space in three separate buildings, and recently purchased a two-tower development on the site of the old Cadillac dealership. It is estimated that Amazon will have a total of 3.9 million square feet of office space in Bellevue.