Kushi Indian Restaurant to Open at old CPK Location, Photo Credit: Kidder Mathews

An Indian restaurant, Kushi, is planning to open at 595 106th Avenue Northeast. California Pizza Kitchen previously occupied this space.There will be new kitchen equipment, serving area, seating, bar and restrooms, according to the City of Bellevue permit.

According to owner, Oliver Bangera, who owns the restaurant with wife Gita, the eatery will feature Indian street food that brings the authentic and nostalgic flavors from around the country.

The food will be affordable at every price level, making it a great destination to bring the whole family. The menu is planned to change every six months to give customers the opportunity to taste Indian food from each region of India.

The Bangera’s chose to name the restaurant Kushi, meaning joy.

Although construction was supposed to have started at the beginning of March, due to COVID-19, everything has been delayed. Kushi is slated to open in October.

Their talented Executive Chef, Ashish Bagul, will combine traditional ingredients and spices from the four regions of India. His extensive experience living in each region, has allowed him to have a true grasp on the different flavors and popular street foods.

Oliver and Gita also own a fine-dining Indian restaurant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, Nirmal’s. This location opened in 2015.

California Pizza Kitchen closed in August 2019 and was available for lease as of September 2019. According to Kidder Mathews, the lease term is for three years and the price to lease is $40 per square foot. The space totals 6,600 square feet.