Remember the crane that fell in downtown Bellevue in November of 2006?

Well, it fell on the office Pacific Continental Corporation, the bank holding company for Pacific Continental Bank, announced the completion of an extensive reconstruction project of its office inside the Plaza 305 building according to CNN. The renovation of the Plaza 305 building became necessary when in November 2006, a crane from a nearby construction project fell onto the building destroying the entire facility. Hopefully, no one was hurt however, it was for this reason why it is imperative for workers who operate a crane to have a crane licence.

The renovated office space of approximately 7,000 square feet has been redesigned to better serve bank clients while maximizing staff efficiencies. Prior to the accident, nine PCB bankers worked in the Bellevue location; it’s now estimated that fifteen bankers will operate out of the Bellevue office.

“We have many people to thank for our return to the Plaza 305 building. Our colleagues, vendors, staff, and Bellevue city officials were tremendous to work with and we greatly appreciate all they’ve done,” said Basant Singh, executive vice-president and director of Seattle operations. Singh added, “Pacific Continental remains fully committed to operating in the Bellevue market; and our continued presence in the community of Bellevue remains an important component of our growth strategy.”

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