We wanted to take this opportunity to apologize to our readers who attended the “Tree Lighting Ceremony” on Friday. We here at the Downtown Bellevue Network were jazzed up to attend on Friday night, and thought this could become quite the annual event in the future complementing Snowflake Lane.

This, “Tree Lighting” was anything but exciting. First off the event was scheduled to start at 6pm, and surely didn’t start anytime near then. Secondly, the “sound system” they used was a portable karaoke machine that looked as if it was from an elementary school and made by Fisher-Price.

The event was thrown together, and had no organization to it whatsoever. Nobody was relaying messages of what was going on, or when we could expect the “Tree Lighting” to take place.

After much anticipation, all hope for anything good was lost, when it was realized that the “Tree” they were lighting up was similar to a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (which was actually a tree with only branches). The 50,000 promised lights that were on the tree… have been there for months. This was no special event, but just a “turning off and on” of already existing red Christmas lights, which have been present on this tree since September.

Next time you want to “alert” the media and get the word out about an event, make sure it is something worth hyping up, because this was surely not.