Red-light runner cameras bellevueThe City of Bellevue has added red-light photo enforcement cameras within two intersections on NE 8th St. The first is at NE 8th St at 112th Ave NE (eastbound and westbound). The second is located at NE 8th St at 116th Ave NE (westbound only). These cameras were installed on January 1st.

The City of Bellevue first started installing cameras in 2009 to catch red-light runners. From 2010 to 2013 the number of infractions from both speed and red-light cameras has decreased from 22,798 to 11,956.

The photo enforcement violations are not issued as moving violations, which mean they don’t show up on your driving record. The fine for an infraction is $124. There will be a one-month grace period for the new cameras, which means violators will only receive a warning in the mail prior to February 1st.


  1. Oh good, the BPD are going to instal money making devices that are known to increase accidents.

  2. So much for driving around or spending money in downtown Bellevue. I don’t need to get rear ended as I stop at the lights.

  3. Kieran McAlister

    Excuses excuses excuses

    The light is green go

    The light is yellow, caution. If your NOT close to the light then slow down to stop. If you’re close to or AT the line then continue at the SPEED LIMIT you should be going.

    The light is red, you should be STOPPED already, not speeding up to fly through it at an increased speed most likely ABOVE the speed limit. If not, then you pay the price of NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW

    If you should be BEHIND another driver then you should be following at a SAFE DISTANCE so you don’t rear end someone because you didn’t have room to stop when the driver in front of you did. If you don’t oney basic traffic laws the again, YOU pay the consequences.

    It seems to be quite simple. Why all th complaining?

    Maybe if everyone drove safe nd obeyed the traffic laws red light cameras may not be considered to fix a problem that wouldn’t exist…

  4. @Kieran, learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, then we’ll talk.

  5. @anon, apparent genius and “funny guy”

    Yeah, ok man….from the that hae never EVER made an error before

    What that has to do with obeying basic traffic laws and driving safely is still a mystery.

  6. *cue the next error comment*

    Just follow the law people and your picture won’t be taken…

  7. @Kieran, no issues with your second comment, those are obvious typos (that we all make). Confusing “your” and “you’re” is a much more serious error, as it’s unlikely to be a typo and more indicative of a lack of education. We don’t want stuff like that muddying Bellevue.

  8. @anon, lack of education…yeah, ok…

    You can thank Stevenson Elementary, Odle Middle School and Interlake High School for my “quality” education

    My current employer of 17+yrs has an office in Bellevue

    I wouldn’t consider ones error on word use and it’s correct spelling when assigning a word to communicate a thought or point as a reflection on ones education or perceived lack of education.

    Step of your soap box and hang out with us, it’s fun down here…

  9. anon II electric boogaloo

    THE INTERNET MAKE ME ANGRY FACE RED AS STOPLIGHT *bangs on some pots and pans*