Ask Lea: Be My Valentine

Dear Lea,Where should I take my lady out for Valentine’s Day? – Lost in Love Dear Lost In Love, This Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of places in Downtown Bellevue to take your special someone. However, the secret’s out – so you better call for reservations quick! No more notorious […]

Parlor Live Review: It’s A Hit!

Wednesday night marked the private grand opening of Parlor Live. 3 nationally recognized comedians made the Bellevue audience laugh like they had never heard a comedian before! There was high energy in the air at the intimate venue of Parlor Live, unusually unreserved for Bellevuites. The venue is a game […]

Ask Lea: Jump Start Your New Years Resolution With ONVO

Lea,Any suggestions on programs that will help me keep my New Years resolution? I’m trying to get in better shape this year and actually stick with it.– New Year, New MeDear New Year, New Me, If losing weight, getting fit, staying healthy, or improving your lifestyle is one of your […]

Ask Lea: Bellevue Birthday Parties

Dear Lea, Where is the best place in Downtown Bellevue to throw a birthday party? – I wanna wear my party hat Dear ‘I wanna wear my party hat,’ Hands down, I think the best place to throw a birthday party in Downtown Bellevue is Lucky Strike. You’re probably thinking, […]

Ask Lea: What’s Next?

Dear Lea,Downtown Bellevue has a pool hall, bowling alley, nightclub, and movie theater. It’s soon to have a music venue, comedy club, ultra lounge, and Jimmy Choo store. What’s next for Bellevue; what else could we possibly need or want here!?– Dreaming Big Dear Dreaming Big, I get what you’re […]

Ask Lea: Pamper Me

Dear Lea,I know there are a lot of fun places for couples or groups to go out in Downtown Bellevue, but do you have any ideas on how to indulge on your own? I work in Downtown Bellevue and know there are a lot of spas, but I need some […]

Ask Lea: And Then There Were 3

Dear Lea, So after visiting the ArtsFair this past weekend, I came to realize that there were actually 3 separate arts fairs going on in Downtown Bellevue. Do you know who sponsors each of the 3 fairs and why it isn’t just one big Bellevue arts fair? It’s a confusing […]

Bellevue Needs Another Restaurant With a View

Downtown Bellevue plays home to a flurry of restaurants, but only one has a view from the sky. Daniel’s Broiler is the only restaurant in the area that’s elevated higher than the ground floor, giving it sweeping views of the Downtown area and looking out onto Lake Washington. A few […]

Ask Lea: All About Art

Lea,You’ve talked a lot about food and dining in Downtown Bellevue, but there has got to be more to do than just eat. I heard that Bellevue has a pretty good arts fair every summer; can you tell me anything about it? – Enough with the Eating Dear Enough with […]