Paccar is buying land. Is it to move?

Downtown Bellevue-headquartered Paccar has recently acquired more land within the Downtown Bellevue core. In April, the strip mall which houses Chipotle and Jamba Juice was purchased by Paccar for $11.9 million, at 10503 N.E. 4th St. This brings Paccar’s total holdings to 7.44 acres of land in Downtown Bellevue, according […]

Ask Lea: All About Pets

Dear Lea,I live in a small condo in Downtown Bellevue and am thinking of getting a dog. Is Downtown Bellevue a pet friendly place? I haven’t seen any pet stores around.– Pondering a Puppy Dear Pondering a Puppy, If you’ve visited the Downtown Park recently, or driven around town during […]

Ask Lea: Get Me In Shape For Summer

Dear Lea,To say the least, I need to get in shape. What gyms in Bellevue offer fitness programs that can help me get bikini-ready? I’d use a personal trainer, but they are just so darn expensive! – Muffin Top Dear Muffin Top, The great thing about Downtown Bellevue is that […]

Ask Lea: Sunny Day Seating

Dear Lea, Last weekend’s weather was so nice that I was just dying to find a place to eat outside so that I could enjoy it! My friends and I ended up heading down to Kirkland, but what places in Bellevue have outside seating? – Waiting for Warmer Weather Dear […]

Ask Lea: "I Love Sushi"

Dear Lea, I see that Blue C Sushi is coming to Downtown Bellevue this fall. My co-workers and I have been wanting to go to a good sushi restaurant, but we don’t know of any places near by right now. – Sushi Seeker Dear Sushi Seeker, You’ve asked the right […]

Ask Lea: Cinco De Mayo is Monday, May 5th!

Dear Lea,Does Downtown Bellevue have any family Mexican restaurants that would be decent to go to on Cinco De Mayo?– Muchas Gracias, Bob Dear Bob, I do think Bellevue is in need of some better sit-down Mexican restaurants. There is Chipotle, Baha Fresh, and Taco Time, but I don’t really […]

Can the Bellevue Galleria do Anything Right?

Upon entering the Bellevue Galleria, the experience begins poorly. Driving around, for sometimes 10+ minutes, parking can be a challenge. It would be bad enough if there wasn’t enough parking…but there are many spots. It’s just that the spots are so small, many cars end up taking two spots. Instead […]

Ask Lea: Pub Crawl I Say!

Dear Lea, I have some friends coming in from out of town, and I want to show them around Bellevue. We’re going to do the whole Lucky Strike – Joey’s thing, but I want to think of something else we can do on Friday or Saturday night that’s local. Any […]

Ask Lea: Spring Fashion Forward

Lea, I’m really good at the whole cold weather sweater, trench, boots thing, but I just feel lost when it comes to warmer weather! I feel like a fashion “faux-pa” with my bucket hat and cargo pants on. Where can I shop in the Bellevue area that will get me […]

Ask Lea: Easter Sunday Brunch

Dear Lea,What restaurants in Bellevue are having brunch on Easter Sunday? – Hunting for Eggs Dear Hunting for Eggs,Many restaurants in Downtown Bellevue offer breakfast on Sundays regularly. However, there are some that are hosting a special Easter Sunday brunch this March 23rd. So whether you celebrate Easter, or just […]