Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett on May 31, 2020 Protest in Downtown Bellevue
Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett on May 31, 2020 Protest in Downtown Bellevue

2020 has brought a year full of uncertainty. COVID-19 hit in March and has turned our world as we knew it upside-down. In May protests against the death of George Floyd flared up, ultimately turning into riots and looting in Downtown Bellevue.

Many of the top articles for 2020 represent how our community has gone through changes with the many stores and restaurant closures during COVID-19, as well as documentation of the protests that began on May 31.

The top article of 2020 (based on the number of article views) was a video that surfaced from 2018 of a Bellevue Police officer placing a woman into a chokehold.

Top 10 viewed articles in 2020:

  1. Video Surfaces from 2018 of Bellevue Police Officer Placing Woman into Chokehold
  2. Protests in Bellevue Turn into Riots and Looting
  3. Architectural Digest Names Bellevue Restaurant One of Most Romantic Restaurants in World
  4. Bellevue Square and Neighboring Retail Shops to Close Due to COVID-19
  5. Purple Bellevue, Lot No, 3 and Cast Iron Studios Announce Permanent Closures
  6. Bellevue Declares State of Emergency, Enforces Curfew
  7. Bellevue Square Modifies Operating Hours, Plus Other Bellevue Businesses Temporarily Close
  8. 23 New Suspects Charged or Arrested in Bellevue Looting Case
  9. Developer, Skanska, to Demolish 3 Buildings in Bellevue for 25-Story Office Tower
  10. Bellevue Police Officer Placed on Administrative Leave Over Social Media Profiles

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