T-Mobile is sub-leasing space at the GIX Building in The Spring District.

T-Mobile recently sub-leased space at the Global Innovation Exchange building in The Spring District for a new Innovation Center. Named “5G Hub”, this space is intended to foster development of their 5G wireless technology applications, devices, and solutions.

There are flexible spaces that are intended to promote ideation and collaboration. At the Hub, partners of all sizes can access new 5G capabilities before they’re broadly deployed and work alongside T-mobile engineers.

T-Mobile felt that having this situated next to their lab allowed for employees to tap into the latest technologies and resources, and bring that into the Innovation Center.

According to a representative for Wright Runstad & Company, the space is located at the GIX/Steve Ballmer building. T-Mobile is a sub-tenant with their “5G Open Innovation Lab”. 5G Open Innovation Lab is an incubator startup sponsored by T-Mobile and works closely with them. They essentially rent some desk space at GIX.

The Spring District is a transit-oriented development and neighborhood, composed of 36-acres and 16 blocks. It is near the future East Link light rail, slated to open in 2023.

Facebook’s headquarters are located in The Spring District, along with other leased Meta offices. The neighborhood also includes a soon to open locally-owned craft brewery, and the Steve Ballmer Building, called the “Global Innovation Exchange”, which was chosen as a collaboration by University of Washington and Tsingua University of China, and Microsoft, to deliver education to innovators from around the world.

Amazon recently announced that along with Sound Transit, they plan to build 233 affordable apartments in The Spring District, in an effort to tackle the affordable housing crisis through innovative solutions. Since the launch of the Amazon Housing Equity Fund in January 2021, Amazon has invested more than $1.2 billion to create or preserve over $8,000 affordable homes for families earning between 30% to 80% of area median income.

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